Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Government tightens social distancing measures

The detection of quite a number of local cases with unknown sources of infection detected over a short period of time raises an important alarm, reminding the community that members of the public must not let down their guard in terms of epidemic prevention and control. In view of the latest public health risk assessment, in particular the higher risks brought about by activities conducted without wearing masks as shown in recent cases, it is now necessary to tighten social distancing measures, including the limits on number of persons and capacity, as well as other infection control requirements on catering business and some scheduled premises.

The requirements and restrictions under the latest directions will come into effect on July 11 for a period of 14 days till July 24:

(1) On catering business, the number of customers at any catering premises at any one time must not exceed 60% of the normal seating capacity of the premises. No more than eight persons may be seated together at one table within any catering premises, while for bars and pubs, no more than four persons may be seated together at one table therein.

(2) On scheduled premises, the limit on number of persons at premises where activities are conducted without wearing masks are tightened –

(a) For party rooms and karaoke establishments, the number of persons allowed in each room at the same time is tightened from 16 to eight.

(b) For fitness centres, the number of persons (including the coach) allowed in each group training or class at the same time is tightened from 16 to eight. For a group training or class of more than eight persons, it must be conducted in a way to ensure that persons are arranged in groups of no more than eight persons and there is at least 1.5 metres between each group or there is some form of partition which could serve as effective buffer between each group. The coach must wear a mask all the time if he/she is not staying at a fixed location not less than 1.5 metres from other persons.

(c) For clubs or nightclubs, the number of persons who may be seated together at one table is tightened from eight to four. The number of customers allowed therein at any one time is tightened from 80% to 60% of the normal seating capacity or normal capacity of such premises.

(3) No eating or drinking inside cinemas and all places of public entertainment with live performance is allowed.

For more details, please visit to the website below :

Prevention of Dengue Fever

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health urges the public to maintain strict environmental hygiene, mosquito control and personal protective measures at all times.

Apart from general measures, travellers returning from areas affected by dengue fever should apply insect repellent for 14 days upon arrival in Hong Kong. If feeling unwell, seek medical advice promptly and provide travel details to the doctor. The public should take heed of the following advice on mosquito control:

• Thoroughly check all gully traps, roof gutters, surface channels and drains to prevent blockage;
• Scrub and clean drains and surface channels with an alkaline detergent compound at least once a week to remove any deposited mosquito eggs;
• Properly dispose of refuse, such as soft drink cans, empty bottles and boxes, in covered litter containers;
• Completely change the water of flowers and plants at least once a week. The use of saucers should be avoided if possible;
• Level irregular ground surfaces before the rainy season;
• Avoid staying in shrubby areas; and
• Take personal protective measures such as wearing light-coloured long-sleeved clothes and trousers and apply insect repellent containing DEET to clothing or uncovered areas of the body when doing outdoor activities.

The public should call 1823 in case of mosquito problems and may visit the following pages for more information: the dengue fever page of the CHP and the Travel Health Service, the latest Travel Health News, tips for using insect repellents, and the CHP Facebook Page and YouTube Channel.

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Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 7.7.2020)

Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 30.6.2020)

The Labour Department – Free employment services for job seekers

The Labour Department provides a wide array of free employment services for all job seekers to help them find jobs.

To help ethnic minority job seekers understand the local labour market situation and improve their job search skills, Labour Department organize tailor-made employment briefings on a monthly basis at 13 job centres in the territory. Large-scale and district-based job fairs are also organized regularly to help for finding work.

The Government Logistics Department Vacancy – Assistant Supplies Officer

The Government Logistics Department Vacancy – Assistant Supplies Officer

The Government Logistics Department Vacancy has launched a recruitment exercise for the Assistant Supplies Officer.

Details of the vacancy and the application procedures are available at the website below :

The closing date of the recruitment is 9 July 2020.

Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Social distancing measures to be further relaxed
Under the “suppress and lift” disease prevention strategy, the Government will extend the social distancing measures in relation to catering businesses, scheduled premises and group gatherings in public places, as well as make appropriate adjustments and relaxations having regard to the latest situation. The measures will come into effect on June 19 for a period of 14 days till July 2.
Group gatherings
(1) The number of persons allowed in group gatherings in public places will be relaxed from 8 to 50.
(2) The exempted groups will be extended to cover group gatherings at scheduled premises. Group gatherings at catering business premises (such as banquets at those premises) would be exempted.
Catering businesses and scheduled premises
(1) The limit on the number of persons allowed to be seated together at one table will be removed while the number of persons allowed to be seated together at one table in bars/pubs will be increased from 4 to 8.
(2) The limit on the number of persons at each facility/group/room at these premises will be increased from 8 to 16 persons, and the number of persons allowed to be seated together at one table in clubs or nightclubs will be increased from 4 to 8.
(3) Live performance and dancing will be allowed to resume at catering business and scheduled premises, but persons working at the premises and performers must wear masks all the time except when there is some form of effective buffer.
Please kindly find the website below for more information :
Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 16.6.2020)
Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 9.6.2020)
Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 2.6.2020)
Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 26.5.2020)

Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
Latest social distancing measures
The situation in Hong Kong has become more stabilised in terms of the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the recent weeks. However, in view of the three local cluster cases last week, the ‘suppress and lift’ strategy adopted to contain the epidemic and the impending school resumption, the Government will now maintain the current social distancing measures subject to refinements to meet the operational needs of some businesses, and review them further depending on the future development of the epidemic situation.

In view of the need for worshippers to participate in religious activities raised by religious groups, the Government will relax the restrictions in relation to group gatherings for religious gatherings subject to fulfilment of suitable infection control requirements. However, having regard to the need on public health and infection control considerations, there is a need to maintain restrictions on public group gatherings.

The scope of existing exempted group gatherings will be expanded to cover religious gatherings during which no food or drink is served (except food or drink as part of a religious ritual). The exempted religious activities must be held at premises constructed as or converted into a place of worship, such as a church, monastery or nunnery, mosque, synagogue or temple; or premises regularly used as a place of worship. Measures must be in place for restricting the number of participants in the activity to not more than 50 per cent of the number of persons that may normally be accommodated on the premises as a place of worship.
The prohibition of group gatherings with more than eight persons in public places under Cap. 599G will remain in force for 14 days until June 4, 2020.
Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 19.5.2020)
Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 12.5.2020)
Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 5.5.2020)

Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 28.4.2020)

Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 21.4.2020)

Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 14.4.2020)

Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 7.4.2020)

Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 31.3.2020)

Protect Yourself Against COVID-19, Quit Smoking Now

Application Form:


Press Release on Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation

With a view to combating the COVID-19 epidemic, the Government will impose stringent measures and prohibit any group gathering of more than four persons in any public place.  Stay at home, avoid crowded places and maintain social distancing

Civil Service Vacancies (position as 24.3.2020)

“Updated information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) — Enhancements for the anti-epidemic measures”

The Government announced enhancements yesterday (March 23) for the anti-epidemic measures, responding quickly to the latest developments of the disease.

To further prevent imported cases and cut the global and local virus transmission chain as far as possible, with effect from 0:00 a.m. on March 25, tentatively for 14 days:

  • All non-Hong Kong residents coming from overseas countries and regions by plane will be denied entry to Hong Kong;
  • Non-Hong Kong residents coming from the Mainland, Macao and Taiwan will be denied entry to Hong Kong if they have been to any overseas countries and regions in the past 14 days;
  • All transit services at Hong Kong International Airport will be suspended; and
  • All travellers coming from Macao and Taiwan, including Hong Kong and non-Hong Kong residents, will be subject to a 14-day compulsory quarantine, which is the same as the arrangements for people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland.
  • Other measures include: early identification of asymptomatic inbound travellers, stringent enforcement actions to combat breaches of quarantine orders and reducing social contacts and gatherings further.

Civil Service Job Vacancies (position as 17.3.2020)

Health information of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Civil Service Job Vacancies

Chief Executive visits ethnic minorities families 

Chief Executive Carrie Lam visited several ethnic minority grassroots families in Yau Tsim Mong district. She gave them face masks, daily necessities and leaflets with health information prepared in the languages they are familiar with. The Chief Executive appealed to the whole community, regardless of their background and race to fight the disease together.

Video with subtitles in other languages:




For below details please visit the links below:


Health information of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) 

(Bahasa Indonesia)








Health Information for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Avoid gatherings 

Health Advice on Prevention of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Workplace (Interim)

Health Advice on Prevention of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for Properties Management (Interim) 

Important Health information from the Centre for Health Protection 

Information of prevention of infectious diseases

【Prevent Diseases · Maintain Good Hygiene】Urdu – اردو

【Prevent Diseases · Maintain Good Hygiene】Nepali – नेपाली

【Prevent Diseases · Maintain Good Hygiene】Hindi – हिन्दी

Important announcement from the Chief Executive on the Anti-epidemic Fund

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  • Outdoor Activities
    Outdoor Activities

    2019-08-29 Outdoor Activities – Kayak Fun

    Community Orientation Tour
    Community Orientation Tour

    Winter game

    Computer Class
    Computer Class

    Computer Class

    Culture Exploration tour
    Culture Exploration tour

    Visiting the fire and ambulance services academy

  • Day Trip- Family Outing
    Day Trip- Family Outing

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    Culture Exploration Tour

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    Wild Camp

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Upcoming Programmes  

  • The 3rd Cantonese Competition for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

    The 3rd Cantonese Competition for Ethnic Minoritiesin Hong Kong

    The 3rd Cantonese Competition for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong is organized by LINK Centre, which is operated by The Hong Kong Community Network and sponsored by the Home Affairs Department of Hong Kong. The aim of this event is to encourage Ethnic Minorities to show their talents on speaking Cantonese and to facilitate their integration into the Hong Kong Community. We would also like to take this chance to promote the message of social harmony.


    • To enhance EMs’ motivation, interest, and confidence in learning Chinese.
    • To raise the Public awareness on the talents and capability of EMs.
    • To promote social acceptation and social harmony.


    The Competition is open to all Ethnic Minorities (non-Chinese people) who are holders of HKID card.


    • Primary School (Individual / Group with 2 – 8 people)
    • Secondary School (Individual / Group with 2 – 8 people)
    • Public (Individual / Group with 2 – 8 people)


    • Storytelling
    • Drama
    • Speech

    Remarks :

    1. Unrestricted Topic
    2. Within 3 – 5 minutes

    Panel of Judges

    • Preliminary Round
    • School Chinese Teachers
    • Final Round
    • School Principals / Teachers (with Chinese proficiency)
    • Honorable Guests

    Assessment Criteria

    1. Content 15%
    2. Fluency 25%
    3. Expression 15%
    4. Co-operation (Remarks : For Group Only) 10%
    5. Overall performance 15%

    Competition Details

    • Preliminary Round

    In view of the influence of COVID-19, participants of this year’s competition are invited to do a video recording of their performance and submit to LINK Centre through Whatsapp 6230 8530 or Google drive to cantonese.hkcnlink@gmail.com with MP4 format. Outstanding participants would be invited for the final round.

    • Final Round

    The final round competition will be held on 1 August, 2020 (Sat) 1pm-6pm at YWCA Jockey Club Social Service Building, 5 Man Fuk Road, Ho Man Tin, Kowloon. (*subject to amendments depending on epidemic situation)

    Important Dates

    Dates Events
    30 Jun 2020 (Tue) 5pm Application & Video Submission Deadline
    1 Aug 2020 (Sat) 1 – 6pm Final Competition & Award Ceremony



    (Primary School / Secondary School / Public)

    • Individual : Trophy, Certificate and $ 500 Gift Voucher
    • Group : Trophy, Certificate and $1,500 Gift Voucher
    1st Runner-up
    • Individual : Trophy, Certificate and $ 400 Gift Voucher
    • Group : Trophy, Certificate and $ 1,000 Gift Voucher
    2nd Runner-up
    • Individual : Trophy, Certificate and $ 250 Gift Voucher
    • Group : Trophy , Certificate and $ 500 Gift Voucher

    Application Method

    School Category :

    • Including primary school and secondary school
    • Students (Individual / group) can only apply through school. Please contact teacher for application.

    Public Category :

    • Public with HKID card can apply through downloading application form or filling up online application form.
    • Google form for Individual : https://bit.ly/2AI2mzy
    • Google form for Group : https://bit.ly/3g5mfRo
    • Application form :

  • Dialogue With A Stranger – Our Story


    多謝你地每個參加者抽出寶貴既時間,上到車上面同我地進行「陌陌對話」哩個活動。雖然活動只係得短短15分鐘,希望透過活動可以令你明白我地雖然無論膚色、種族、宗教等等,同你都未必一樣。不過我地一樣紮根係香港,當哩度係我地既屋企。以下我地咁多位陌陌對話大使既故事,希望你有時間可以睇下了解我地更多喇!! 多謝 😊

    1. 成俊傑 Singh Inderjeet

    男  中四  印度裔



    「拍片這回事,好的拍檔很重要。如果對方對拍攝這件事情不感興趣,儘管他有技術,也很難長期合作下去。」這是俊傑經驗之談。能在小學初中年紀找到自己興趣的人並不多,確定它並堅持走下去的更是難能可貴,俊傑未來將繼續拍攝,並籌備營運一個YouTube頻道,擬名為「Bulletin Studios」。


    1. 李嘉誠 Jahangir Ashar

    男  中五  巴基斯坦裔




    1. 樂文(穆努曼) Mohammad Numan

    男  中五  巴基斯坦裔




    1. 志文(森志文) Samiullah Tarig

    男  中四  巴基斯坦裔





    1. 艾美 Aimen

    女  大一  幼兒教育  巴基斯坦裔





    1. 思思Nafissa

    女  大一  幼兒教育  巴基斯坦裔





    1. Kiran Fatima MohammadKiran

    女  職青  巴基斯坦及土耳其裔




    1. Mohammad IsaacIsaac

    男  職青  巴基斯坦裔




    1. Shakeel AhmedShakeel

    男  職青  巴基斯坦裔





    1. 呀山 Ahsan Ahmed

    男  社工  巴基斯坦裔




    1. 亞美 Maria Mohammad

    女  大四  商科  巴基斯坦及土耳其裔




    1. 花美德Mia Teresa B. Fajardo

    女  大二  英文系  菲律賓裔




    1. 趙翠儀Nimra Rabbi

    女  大二  英文教育  巴基斯坦裔


    「我很喜歡看電視!看卡通,看劇集,都是中文的,連Discovery Channel我也是看中文的。」她常常看電視,結果家人把家中三台電視都送給他人了。「最近我喜歡看韓劇,現在電視都在網上看了。」她拿出手機吃吃笑道。


    成長過程中,感恩有不少人扶持,祝福她的生命,其中一位是她的中學物理老師。當時她的物理科成績預計在DSE公開試是「U」(不予置評) 或「Level 1」(不合格),她覺得這科很困難,但就在她也放棄的時候,這位老師沒有放棄她。每逢翠儀留校溫書,老師都會說他就在這裡,如有需要,隨時來找他。老師的支持和鼓勵讓她重新振作,抱著不能辜負老師的心,最後在公開試中,物理科合格,並以不錯的成績考進了香港大學。


    1. 路文Gharib Numan

    男  職青  巴基斯坦裔




    1. Rabia Batool (Rabia)

    女  大二  社會科學  巴基斯坦裔




    1. 阿思瑪 Khan Asmaarah

    女  大二  幼兒教育(特殊教育)  巴基斯坦裔







    1. Gurung Binda (Binda)

    女  職青  尼泊爾裔






    1. 畢綺薇 Butt Pakeeza Hussain

    女  中三  巴基斯坦裔




    1. 毛利恩 Muhammad Ariyan

    男  中三  巴基斯坦裔




    1. 斯文(穆斯曼)Muhammad Usman

    男  中五  巴基斯坦裔




  • Our Picnic

    A time for healing, come and join our picnic at Victoria Park on 9/2/2020 !