Social Welfare Department (SWD) hotline: 2343-2255

  1. An IFSC(Integrated Family Services Centres) consists of three major components, namely family resource unit, family support unit and family counselling unit. At present, there is an extensive network of 65 IFSCs over the territory and two Integrated Services Centres in Tung Chung to provide a range of preventive, supportive and remedial family services.

  2. The Family and Child Protective Services Units (FCPSUs) are specialized units operated by the Social Welfare Department to assist the families with the problems of child abuse and spouse / cohabitant battering to restore normal functioning and to safeguard the interest of the children affected by custody/guardianship disputes and referred by the Courts.

  3. Child care service aims to support and strengthen the family and to enhance the physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional development of the children under the age of 3 years.