LINK Reward Scheme (Starting from Oct 2015)

To appreciate member’s  participation and encourage member to continue in the LINK Centre’s  programmes & courses.

All members will receive a LINK Reward Card (LWC) to accumulate LINK Points through different activities to exchange Rewards.

1) Join and attend the program
2) At the end of the programme, LINK Centre’s staff will reward LINK Points to member for their Attendance and Performance by Signing his/her Name with the Program date. Different Programs might be awarded different number of LINK Points.
3) When Accumulate enough LINK Points, members could exchange gifts.
4) LINK Points will be crossed out from the card accordingly by the LINK Centres’ staff.
5) To let the member accumulate more LINK Points, a new LRC will be issue if member’s LRC’s Points are Full.

*Gift List will be posted in LINK Centre.
*Gift will be exchange on first come first serve basis on every 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month from 1:00pm-9:00pm
*If member lost LINK Reward Card, then a new LRC will be issue and all the previous points will be lost.