Employment and Education

Are you unemployed, underemployed or are required to take no-pay leave due to influence of COVID?😢 Do you want to learn more and upgrade yourself for future employment?💪🏽😤
The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) launches the Love Upgrading Special Scheme 3 (Scheme) to support the unemployed or underemployed to upgrade their skills for self-enhancement and employment. 😄A total of 44 dedicated training courses are offered for ethnic minorities, covering full-time or part-time vocational skills courses and part-time generic skills courses, including business, construction, security, catering, social services, language courses, etc.✌️👏🤓 ALL FREE OF CHARGE with special allowance after completing the course!🙌👣
more information on the courses: https://www.erb.org/scheme/en/Training-Courses/