Unfold The Mystery – Story of Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong

– Unfold The Mystery – Story of Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong –

Do you know ethnic minorities (EMs) contribute to about 8% of the total population in Hong Kong? Besides learning their vibrant culture, do you know why did they migrate to Hong Kong, their impression of their home country, and their feelings towards racial harmony in this place?

Hong Kong Community Network – LINK Centre has produced 7 videos by interviewing 10 ethnic minorities, aiming to tell their life stories in order to promote a better understanding on EM history to our local counterparts.

We believe stories are powerful in celebrating racial harmony and cultural diversity. Join us on this video journey and discover more interesting life stories!

Video Series https://youtu.be/6eYueEPM5Mg

1)  Asiya, Ziya and Ruqayya, who are born in an Indian and Chinese family.

2)  Husnain, a local Pakistani, who is the winner of “Public Category – Individual” in the The 3rd

     Cantonese Competition for Ethnic Minorities in Hong Kong.

3)  Nadya, who is born in an Indian and Indonesian family.

4)  Nimra, who is an local born Pakistani.

5)  Sahil and Safeer, who are Pakistani brothers and grown up in Hong Kong.

6)  A Japanese family, who are Yuri and her daughter Mina.

7)    Kazy, a Nepalese, who is a social worker.